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Dr. Mark East M.D. Mark A. East, MD is an Interventional Cardiologist and president of East Cardiovascular Specialists, located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Dr. East received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Oberlin College, where he majored in Neuroscience and obtained a minor in Religion. [origincode_videogallery id=”2″] Dr. Mark East M.D.… Continue reading East

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Dr. Lambert Parker M.D. Lambert T. Parker, MD is an Internist, President of the Integrative Medical Practice, and President and Medical Director for Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia. He is a physician who has consciously and successfully integrated American and European medical training. [origincode_videogallery id=”3″] Dr. Lambert Parker M.D. Lambert T. Parker, MD is an… Continue reading Parker

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Operations Analyst

Started taking the immune vitamins a few months ago, and I immediately noticed a small energy boost. I do not take any other vitamins and so my body seemed to respond very well to the vitamins. I did not experience any negative side effects.

Fitness Instructor

I am a fitness instructor and line dancer. But, I have more energy now since I started taking MasterVitamins™. I have no more knee pain, and I saw a change in my eyesight. I do not need to wear eyeglasses during the day.

Bypass Surgery

7 vitamins in one easy to swallow capsule! Since I’ve started MasterVitamins™ a month ago, I am feeling more energetic and my 2-year problem with chronic diarrhea has been solved. I feel like a new person!! I highly recommend MasterVitamins™ to anyone.