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Dr. Mark East, M.D.

Mark A. East, MD is an Interventional Cardiologist and president of East Cardiovascular Specialists, located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Dr. East received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Oberlin College, where he majored in Neuroscience and obtained a minor in Religion. Dr. East received his Medical Degree at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. His Residency and Fellowships in Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology were completed at Duke University Medical Center where he was distinguished among his peers as Chief Fellow and Assistant Chief Medical Resident. Dr. East is a former Scientific Reviewer for the American Journal of Medicine and the American Heart Journal. Dr. East has won multiple medical teaching awards, written numerous publications, and served as the Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator for a number of significant Cardiac and Medical Research Studies throughout his career. However, Dr. East places the utmost importance on his Christian faith as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ; whom he gives credit for guiding his life and the achievements that he has had.

Dr. Lambert Parker, Internist

Lambert T. Parker, MD is an Internist, President of the Integrative Medical Practice, and President and Medical Director for Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia. He is a physician who has consciously and successfully integrated American and European medical training of both traditional and non-traditional medical model with internal medicine. In his previous role as Medical Director at Schuyler Hospital in New York, Dr. Parker established an AIDS clinic in upstate New York, created quality improvement initiatives for Primary Care and Hospital-Based Practices, pioneered one of the first hospital evidence-based health and Brain Optimization Program and best known for fostering the Human Ecology approach of personalized integrative medicine, creating the prototype for future healthcare.